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Eddie, Analyst Buyer/Planner at one of the world's largest suppliers of brand office products, said: "We recently lost a stamper. We had an urgent need for a new supplier with available capacity and stamping knowledge that could get started immediately so we wouldn't miss any ship dates. Quality Metal Stamping did just that. Not only did we not miss a shipment, but their engineers helped us design a part for manufacturing and built a die that resulted in significant cost savings. Our startup with Quality Metal Stamping was literally painless!"

Dan, Director of Quality & Product Development in the construction industry, said: Our
company has had a successful relationship with Quality Metal Stamping for more than 20 years.Their service, product, and professionalism are second to none as they have proven that quality is more than just a name.

Richard, Senior Manufacturing Engineer with a major electrical manufacturer, said:
"During the last ice storm, we needed to produce 10,000 units for emergency shipment. One short call to Quality Metal Stamping and they got the parts to us in record time. We never
missed a shipment... We wanted to redesign two laser cut parts into a single piece. Quality Metal Stamping took our concept design and developed a new part that was stamped, formed
and reinforced. This saved us $46,000 per year."

Terry, Purchasing Agent in the construction industry, said: "Quality Metal Stamping is a
company with years of experience and commitment to their customers. They have the capability
and excellent quality with customer service people who truly care about your needs.

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