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Quality Metal Stamping, LLC has been producing metal stampings for over 35 years in our centrally-located manufacturing facility located in Henderson, Tennessee with headquarters located in Rockville Centre, NY.

Quality Metal Stamping is a third generation family owned business that began as Sterling Last Corporation, founded in 1932. It was owned and operated by the Serling family of New York under the direction of President David Serling. As a world leader in the shoe last industry, Sterling was the first company in the world to manufacture a plastic shoe last.

The Henderson Tennessee location was designed and built in 1961 as a shoe last manufacturing facility. David Serling and Chester County collaborated to build the 50,000 sq. ft. plant on six and a half acres to serve the growing shoe manufacturers located in the surrounding areas of Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri.

Sterling pioneered
a plastic shoe last.

In the late seventies, Sterling Last Corporation decided to make a vertical move and began to produce metal hinges and machine parts for its own use. The concept of Quality Metal Stamping began with a small machine shop in Henderson making machine parts for the shoe last business and other local businesses. As the shoe industry started moving toward lower labor countries (China, India, Brazil), David Serling realized that there was more of an opportunity in the tool and die / stamping business.



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Quality Tool & Die was formed in 1976 with the idea of taking on more outside stamping work. As the years passed, the company products shifted more in the direction of metal stamping, beginning to ship nationwide in 1988. Therefore, in 1995 the name was changed to Quality Metal Stamping to more correctly reflect the stamped parts now produced.

After the death of David Serling in 1997 and the steady decline in the domestic shoe industry, the difficult decision was made to sell Sterling Last Corporation - the shoe last portion of the business. With the closing of that chapter of the company’s history, all efforts could be concentrated on developing Quality Metal Stamping.

In 2000, under the direction of Robert Serling, the company began a period of rapid expansion into different industries, manufacturing a variety of parts. Over the past ten years, the company has become ISO-9001 certified to ensure the utmost quality in its products. In addition, QMS has joined forces with Cross Machinery in Lexington, Tennessee through a strategic alliance. Through this alliance, Quality Metal Stamping has been able to extend a fast response time, cutting-edge technology and the most cost effective-tooling available to our customers. The facility in Henderson has recently been expanded to accommodate the company’s continual growth.

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